• From Mentored to Mentor, the Growth of Charlie

    Charlie with his mentorGrowing up with a single mom with English as his second language, school was a struggle for Charlie. With a busy mother trying to keep the family afloat with limited English, Charlie found himself slipping behind in school. He was extremely shy, not getting along with other kids and heading down an uncertain path. “I remember being frustrated because other kids were doing well in class and I wasn’t,” says Charlie. Thanks to an early intervention from Charlie’s school connecting him with ... Read more
  • Growing Up Tough, Peer Project Mentor Mick Pays it Forward

    Mick teaching martial artsEmigrating from Jamaica at age four to Toronto and landing in the Jane and Finch area (and then Mimico), Mick didn’t really know he grew up in neighbourhoods that were known as rougher areas. “You realize after you are older what was happening in your neighbourhood, you see a lot of domestic abuse, drug use, and prostitution and stuff like that,” says Mick. Mick’s parents weren’t around much because they were working to help keep food on the table for Mick and ... Read more

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Are you a focused, hard-working and selfless leader? Join a group of people just like you to go one-on-one with kids in need. The 6- to 15-year-old kids you can help are full of potential and just in need of a few nudges and bumps to attain the balanced, healthy and happy life they deserve.

The newcomer and at-risk kids need 16- to 29-year-olds (especially males) to step up.

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What is it Like as a Mentor?

Mentors come from all different walks of life; an interesting thread running throughout their stories is their own unexpected growth and evolution. This experience can change you!

Want to learn more, find out what life is like as a mentor by reading Our Mentor Stories.

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