National Volunteer Week: April 10 to April 16

It’s tough being a kid in an adult world and I remember very well what it feels like when your helpless, and things happen that you don’t understand and you can’t do anything about.  I can help with that.
-Miranda, Peer Project Mentor


This week is National Volunteer Week!  This week, it’s all about celebrating the 12.7 million volunteers in Canada and their monumental impact strengthening communities and helping those in need. Volunteers make communities strong and resilient. At The Peer Project our volunteers help at risk youth for the betterment of communities across Toronto and York Region as well as for the betterment of themselves.

Here at The Peer Project, we want to sincerely thank all of our volunteers for all of their time, hard work and dedication. Peer Project Volunteers are actively changing the lives of at-risk children and youth across Toronto and York Region.

Thank you Peer Project volunteers and thank you all volunteers across Canada working hard everyday!



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