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Training the Mind and The Body with Peer Project Mentor Bradley

When Bradley was in grade 3, his parents were getting divorced. It was an experience that really upended his life. To help him deal with the situation, his parents brought in a mentor for Bradley to talk to. The experience

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The Peer Project Goes To Camp!

This August, The Peer Project mentors and their mentees headed up north for a special weekend away at Camp Northern Lights, near Haliburton, Ontario. A weekend filled with swimming, canoe races, camp fires, and much more.

Through generous donations from

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TPP Mentor Adriaan Builds Things and People

Adriaan spent his youth moving between countries, getting to know different cultures and school systems.

Adriann was born in the Netherlands to Canadian parents. His father ran his own business and travelled a lot throughout Europe. Adrian says his childhood

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Peer Project Mentor Preeti Finds Direction and Family

After high school, Preeti, like many, felt the pressure to go to university without really knowing what she wanted to become. At school, she decided to become a teacher, but after volunteering at schools, she realized the job wasn’t for

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How to deal with Abuse

Mentors usually develop trusting relationships with their mentees and survivors of abuse usually try to disclose their situation with people they trust.

Signs of abuse

Youth mentors may also see physical or behavioural signs of abuse, either physical, sexual, emotional

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How to deal with racism and discrimination

Racism and discrimination is not always confined to overt acts, it can also be institutionalized and systemic.

Racial awareness – noting that people look different – occurs between the ages two and two and half. How your mentee views other

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What are the different types of mental illnesses?

Making sure kids have a positive mental health is growing as an important developmental goal for kids. Mentoring can help kids avoid or overcome mental illnesses.

Mental illness is cased by a complex interplay of genetic, biological, personality and environmental

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Understanding Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a brain-based disorder that primarily affects the prefrontal cortex. ADHD diagnosis is the result of a complex assessment process.

Today approximately, 10-15% of children and teenagers have been diagnosed with ADHD with boys

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Overcoming Learning disabilities

If your mentee has difficulty with reading, writing, math, fine motor skills, language, hearing different sounds or interpreting visual information, they may have a learning disability.

Your mentee may not have the confidence to tell you they have problems learning

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Steps to help stop cyber bullying

Is your mentee being cyber bullied? Did they tell you or are they showing signs of distress, perhaps shuddering when they see your smartphone?

You can help by listening and providing advice, but do not get involved directly by confronting

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